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Worldwide Vision andHarmony among Everything

Established in 2004, Shanghai Jinghe InternationalExhibition Co., Ltd. has worked hard for nearly 20 years, and has graduallygrown into a leader in the cultural and scientific theme exhibition businesswith national and global coverage. The Company takes customized design as thecore and uses digital display technology to redefine the theme cultural displayarea. The Company conducts the cross-border integration, including creativeplanning, space decoration, interactive technology, software development, filmand television production, system integration, exhibition activities, and dancedesign etc. The Company establishes a full industry chain service system in thefield of integrated digital technology display and cultural creativity, and formsa development strategy model of Cultural Creative Design + Smart Technology Researchand Development + Cultural Industry Operation. Now the Company provides comprehensiveservices for creative design and exhibition of museums, memorial halls, partybuilding halls, park halls, corporate halls, city halls, theme halls, Characteristic town, exhibition special decorations, and conference activities. Adhering to thecorporate mission of Worldwide Vision & Harmony among Everything and aimingat becoming a global leader in one-stop exhibition, the Company provides the worldwideleading solutions for government agencies, well-known enterprises andorganizations.

Core Business:

Government exhibitions:Provides one-stop services in the design and construction of the entire large-scaleexhibition booths, home services, brand communications, conference eventplanning, and so forth, so as to help government agencies as a window, promotecultural communications, and promote industrial exchange.

Global conventions and exhibitions: As the designated builder of thefirst national exhibition of the Import Expo, in response to the nationalstrategic call from One Belt One Road initiative, the Company helps governmentalinstitutions and well-known enterprises at home and abroad in exhibitions so asto promote brand culture and enhance market competitiveness.

Creative pavilions and booths: Taking creative designas the core and innovative technology as the means, combining culturalcreativity and technological innovation, the Company, while integrating the exhibitionart and new media technology, provides customers with one-stop exhibitionservices including planning and design, production and construction, operationand maintenance.

With a high levelof creative design, first-class construction ability, and high quality service,the Company has successfully obtained relevant qualifications, such as Grade A inarchitectural decoration engineering design, Grade 1 in professionalcontracting for building decoration and decoration engineering, Grade 1 in integrationof exhibition and display engineering design and construction of ChinaAssociation for Exhibition Centers (CAEC), Grade 1 in Chinese exhibitionengineering enterprises. So the Company is leading in the industry, domesticmarket and the world.

With its excellentperformance in global exhibition industry, the Company has successivelyestablished branches in Munich, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Yunnan and soforth, served more than 1,000 customers, covered more than 150 fields, builtmore than 100 pavilions. The Company has more than 100 patents and softwarecopyrights, and cooperated with more than 30 colleges and universities at homeand abroad to jointly build an industry-university-research platform. TheCompany provides a comprehensive technological and cultural service platformwhich integrates planning and creativity, multimedia research and development,space design, project implementation, project management, operation andmaintenance as a whole.

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